Disability and species

Disability is a physical or mental disorder which restricts or impedes the essential vital functions (hearing, vision, speaking, movement), caring for oneself, development, and work-consuming, reducing or limiting the personal ability to perform daily activities and feel a full-fledged member of society.

A person with a disability - a person who, because of congenital or acquired physical or mental disability, partially or totally unable to control their personal or social life, to perform the duties and exercise the rights.


One disabilities can be temporary, the other - a constant, continuing throughout life. Disability can develop before birth (congenital) or any period of life (acquired).

Congenital disabilities

Congenital disability - a condition occurring at birth. It can inherited, occur due to problems during pregnancy due to complications or fetal damage during delivery.

Acquired disabilities

Acquired disability - a condition developed after birth. Acquired disability is not inherited - it is caused by environmental influences: it can gain any old man suffered an accident, injury or illness. Aging can also cause disability, for example, Arthritis, visual impairment, hearing impairment, etc.

Disability can be anything easy (minimally interferes with daily activities); The average (daily activities and function disturbance to some extent); severe (man is a failure, disability usually complex);

Disability classification:

  • physical disability; sensory disabilities;
  • mentally disabled;
  • developmental Disorders.


For individuals who wish to attend the disabled Jonava district activity center

If you wish to attend, Jonava people with disabilities activity center or accommodate a disabled person social care structural unit “Life Home ", you must go to Jonava district social service center at: Vasario 16-osios street 31, LT-55164, Jonava. Telephone: 8 (349) 54722

In Jonava district social service center, you will need to submit the following documents:

  • Application (personal or guardians, parents}
  • Personal identity document (passport or identity card);
  • A disabled license;
  • Degree of disability for work, a regular (assistance) or permanent care setting certificate;
  • Medical documents extract (F-027 / A), the initial deployment in the body.


If a person is incapacitated still need:

  • Guardian of an identity document;
  • Court decision on the incapacity of copies.


NOTE: Specialists in exceptional cases, have the right to request additional documents.

For more information about the necessary documentation available to attend Jonava district people with disabilities activity center you can contact:

Phone number.; 8 (349) 54722, E. Postal address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.